Articles is Live! is Live! is live for a short time. We have enhanced our previous interface in order to meet the new requirements of technological developments. We worked to make it more simple, robust and user-friendly. Of course there are many improvements on the backend and infrastructure but we desire to give a bit detail about the major changes on the interface.

01Maksem's two core businesses, industrial coating services and copier/printer spares sales, were using the same web site. At this point we have assigned for our industrial coating services and for copier/printer spares sales. We aimed to make sure that two different customer profile find only what they are looking for.

02Maksem's products are being used in many countries. In order to get closer to our international partners, we have added pages in English language. 

03Fast growth on smart phone and tablet market triggered us to make some improvements. We used "responsive design" technology which transforms the web site frontend to an appropriate format for the mobile devices. It automatically detects the device's properties and gives the user the advantage of surfing without difficulty.